Create topography from CAD File - Urgent


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I have problem when create topography from CAD file. The coordinate in cad are ( x -mm, y-mm, z -m). How to create Topography from this file?
What unit need to set in autocad - mm, m? I need in Model SU fix coordinate and unit?

Link cad file:!hxRSiBhb!cRVvTkjzcNBiG6zQ-EkB5E2xuBSOlK6GwbILXa5fyfU

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With more than 3 million entities, you should try to reduce the complexity before you try to create a topography in SketchUp. With simpler contour lines, you can have a try with Toposhaper (Fredo6).


I’m not quite sure what you mean about the units and coordinates as it loads ok into SketchUp. There is geometry miles from the main model so you will need to delete that.

Cotty is right however the file is huge. I’ve had a look at the file and although I haven’t simplified the topography, I have deleted all the layers that are unrelated to the contours and then ran Sandbox tools to create the topography. It’s still a big file but more manageable.

There does seem to be a couple of issues with the topography and I’m not sure it is meant to be as it shows. Firstly the base of the valley and another area only have the contours in 2d below the model. I deleted these but it may well affect the accuracy. The other area has also however had the topography replaced by layer ‘Ruong’ so it may be correct.

Also not sure about Duong_Nhua layer as it seems to be above the main topography although maybe that is also intended?

Finally you may also want to move the model to the origin to avoid clipping. I haven’t done it on your model but install the following and then run this if you want it on the origin:


Little wonder, when the file contains far more than contours.
Make a copy of the CAD file and properly prepare it prior to import into SketchUp.
Bring into SketchUp only what you need.

Reducing DWG or DXF import file size

DWG/DXF Supported CAD Elements

How should I prepare a CAD file for import into SketchUp?


FYI: The OP is saying that the Z is in meters, … but X and Y are in mm


Dear All
Thank for your quick reply
But problem Z have unit is m

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Dear All

I have some mistake for unit in my CAD file. unit for coordinate are ( x,y,z-m)

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That’s not the main problem, as the different answers explain. (You can use the scale tool to change the z-direction after the import if neccessary).