Create Spaces, floors and ceilings automatically from a few faces

Do you have to deal with a lot of time creating floors, ceilings and spaces… With this extension you only need to…

You receive:

  • components with spaces with their correlative name (with colour and 15% of oppacity)
  • components with floors with their correlative name
  • components with ceilings with their correlative name

Each component is tagged as space, floor or ceiling.

The plugin is in Spanish, English and French.

Spaces_Ceilings_Floors Download…


This is an interesting spin on “Spaces”. It’s like a floors/stories/level builder.

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You only need to classify as IfcSpace & IfcCovering and your IFC Project is 50% done…

I need to learn more about IFC. You do work for a large construction firm?

No, I work as a Developer part time and as a self employer the rest of the day (Quantity surveyor, teaching SketchUp, etc.). But I try to deal with Ifc files everyday.

Now I’m working in this… (Ifc utilities)

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Very fancy!

Why IFC?

Does it show everything correctly when rotated (does it solve the bounding box problem)?

In Spain people exchange models in Ifc format, and I use a 5D software to obtain automatically the budget with and Ifc file from Sketchup.
Related to bounding box I change axes to obtain the real quantities but I don’t modify the model, I only attach a Parameter set with quantities.

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