Create named objects and manipulate live through UDP


I’m just looking into different products and their suitability of doing what I need. I’m including Sketchup in this as I believe its one of the easier products to create objects in.

Basically I would like to create a “stage” within this stage I want to be able to create objects (lets say a couple of vertical columns). I would like to name these columns individually or assign a number to them.

Then I would like to take a UDP packet which has data relating to the position of these columns and I would like this to then place the columns in their correct positions within the stage area. So basically I need to take the packet, split it into its constituent parts and extract the positional data

Then the next day I might do the same process but for a vertical column and 3 horizontal beams. (So basically I need it to be easy to create these worlds.

My question then to the community is do you guys think this is worth pursuing in sketchup? Or should I look at something more like Cinema4D or 3DS Max?

yes, that’s possible and Sketchup is a good choice - if I understand your project right.

People can contribute data in some form and you visualize that in Sketchup. The “stage within a stage” is not clear. I would probably end up using components for the columns and modify those according to the data you get.

Next question is how and what you want to share.

Basically I do something somewhat similar: I take user inputs from the internet, apply those inputs (in my case configurations) on components, render that out and automatically upload that result for online use.

The main issue with using standard Ruby network classes is that they are synchronous and blocking. (SketchUp can go into “Not responding” mode if the connections take excessive time.)

SketchUp 2017 (and higher) can use custom SketchUp API HTTP classes that are asynchronous and non-blocking.

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