Create layout for company

I need to put all of my dock sections, and components, into a accessible format, so I can create 2D blueprints quickly. All while using the components I have already modeled. Is this possible?

Yes. Create scenes in your SketchUp model(s) to show the dock sections and components the way you want to show them in your document. Then insert the SketchUp file(s) into your LayOut document. Add dimensions, other text, tables, images, etc., and export to PDF to have an easily accessible format anyone could open or print.

I want to be able to open a template, and have all of the products in a drop-down list, that anybody can easily open, and design their own doc

And then integrate it onto their website, so anybody can build a dock using my designs in my layout

That’s not what LayOut is designed to do unless “anybody” knows how to use it.

Well it would be nice, to be able to integrate the models with a live building program for companies

I expect you could find some application that would allow easy drag and drop of raster images you’ve created from your components.

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