Create cut list for me?


I would like to try an build this rear bumper for a Jeep Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Rear Bumper | 3D Warehouse. That means getting all the dimentions for each component which I need to cut out from sheet metal. It seems like this Builder extention does the job Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse. But it is windows only and I am on a Mac.

Is there any windows users who could create the cut list for me and post it here or send it to me?

There aren’t any components in the model. Is it each plate that needs to be cut out and welded together? Considering the shapes, it looks to me as if you’d be better off with dimensioned drawings. You could lay out the plates flat and add dimensions rather easily. You’ll need to give the parts some thickness though as that will impact the dimensions of other parts.

Thanks for the response DaveR. You are rigth in your assumtion. I need the dimentions of each plate, so that the local metal shop can cut them for me. And possibly weld them as well, if they are not to expencive.

I’ll do some reading up and try and add the dimentions.

How thick are the plates supposed to be? Before trying to dimension the parts, I would draw them out as 3D pieces.

If you aren’t sure how to do that yourself and you can wait until I get home from work and get the driveway shoveled, I’ll see if I can fix up your model for you.

I think 3mm will be about right. The bumper needs to take a beating on the trail, but not be so solid that it will transfere to much of the impact to the frame if somebody runs into me from behind on the high way.

If you could do that drawing out part, it would be greate help. I have never used a 3D tool before, and I’m struggeling a bit to be honest.

OK. I’ll try to get it done for you this evening.

Lucky you, I would be happy to change with our 14°C today!

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Sounds like a good swap to me. :smiley:

:+1: perfect SketchUp weather…

Erik, I decided to fix up the drawing befor dealing with the snow because it’s still coming down hard. At least its really windy, too. Running the snow blower should be fun.

I sent the model back to you in a PM.

I am the one who has written the Builder extension - glad to see you have found it, it should indeed do what you want! I have only just released it and have no facility to test in on a Mac myself, and hence have specified it as Windows only for the time being. I imagine that the actual code should work but just the webdialogs might have issues. If you (or anyone else!) fancies installing it on Mac and letting me know the your results that would be amazing!

How about we trade work jsthemaster? I’m running the Builder extention on my mac and troubleshoot. And you create a cut list on the above mentioned modell?

Trying to run Builder extention on Mac - YouTube ← first try with the extention

As all the plugins and you say, you dont’t have a component. For your task, you should have a look at some basics first.

As Cotty says, you probably want to get to grips with the software more before trying to design this. At the very least for Builder to work on this model you need to design the bumper using a component for each sheet metal part - currently the model is just lots of joined primitive geometry, unless DaveR has fixed that for you?