Create Component issue

I have created a small script that shows a problem that is totally repeatable.

  1. start a sketchup instance
  2. create 100 components via a script
  3. draw a rectangle, push pull, select geometry, create component

Blue circle spins for around 20 - 30 seconds. I can provide this script (again) if requested.

This problem is in SU 2017 and SU 2018
I have tried rolling back Windows 10 updates and also NVIDIA updates without a solution.

What is interesting is I can do this to get around the problem.

  1. Open a sketchup file.
  2. Open a second sketchup instance that is blank.
  3. In the second instance create a component using sketchup interface.
  4. select all components from first sketchup file and copy into paste buffer
  5. switch to second instance and paste the buffer.
  6. then test by creating a new component using sketchup interface.

This works instant.

In my opinion the problem does not have anything to do with file storage. It has to do with procedure. Something is different when you use the Sketchup interface to create a component. Something initializes differently.

Various readers (users) state that this is a Microsoft driver / NVIDIA driver issue.
In my 30 years of programming these types of statements are by themselves unsatisfactory. Trimble should want to help out - or give us tools / or at least a work around.

What is also interesting is a friend of mine can duplicate this exact issue and he is on different hardware including a different video card.

So far no one has been able to help out with this problem.

You haven’t given enough detail.

Does your script use a proper start_operation…confirm_operation block ?
If not that could be causing the notable difference…

The only difference is how many times you need to click ctrl Z to rollback the components.

gkware_test_v1.0.1.rbz (2.1 KB)

Using start_operation also correctly also stops SketchUp from redrawing after each action. This can speed up operations hundredfold.

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