Create blocks with simple text attributes that show on the block?

My company’s engineering dept has a dwg with 2D AutoCAD blocks. These blocks display simple text attributes, see attached image. Since SketchUp won’t import ACAD attributes, looks like I’ll have to make a new Sketchup file…but the blocks must show up on the screen like the attached image. Is it possible?

One option you could look at is one of the FlatText plugins on the Extension Warehouse by David P. Search for ‘FlatText’ (all one word, not case sensitive).

They put text ‘flat’ on the face. There is a Free version, a Lite version (also no charge) and a Pro version (paid for but not expensive) which gives easier access to the options, and adds a few more, I think. I use Lite which is good enough for my occasional needs for it.

Ok thanks very much I will give that a try.