Create a single thread to collect all of the off topic Virtualbox/Ubuntu posts

I have seen many off topic posts about this peppered in this forum.

Would it be an accpetable idea to put them all in one place so that anyone actually interested can find them and discuss it there?

Seems to me a category and/or tag would be appropriate.

As you say, the problem with many of the existing posts is that they are gratuitously shoved into a topic where they don’t contribute anything to the thread of discussion, either in the sense of addressing the problem at hand or in the sense of helping someone who wants to consider trying SketchUp under Linux.

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@Wade, a single thread is cumbersome because the Discourse engine doesn’t really like long lasting threads. It displays annoying “are you sure you want to resurrect this this topic?” popups, etc.

I would welcome a category if it would give the linux lovers a place to post, instead of the off-topic intrusions we have been seeing of late.

But where would the cat go? Would it be a top level cat, or a sub-category ? What about ppl using other distros besides Ubuntu ? What about other VMs besides VirtualBox (ie, WINE, etc.)

I’d think a single top-level cat and let the Linux folks thrash out their favorite distributions and Windows emulators. That would be part of the discussion.

What about a sub-cat of the CornerBar category ?

I’m not sure if an own category for an unsupported operating system is it worth… but a sub-cat in the Corner Bar seems to be an appropriate place if really required.