Create a shape that "sticks" to a geometry

Hello! Another topic: Is there a way to create a shape outside of my geometry but one that sticks to it? Let’s say I want to build a timber frame with lumber only sawn on two sides, so the top and bottom sides of the lumber is “naturally shaped” like a tree trunk, or just sylindrical.

But I want to be able to control the component as if it is has a square cross-section, like lumber sawn on all four sides.

Hope this can pick your brain a bit! Appreciate all suggestions :slight_smile:


You might take a look at the new snaps facility in SketchUp 2023 and see if it meets your needs.

Hi, you can use a simple trick with 3D text.
Let’s say the object you want to stick with is parent, and the shape (or anything you want) is children.

First, copy the chidren then create a 3D text and click to a surface of parent. This will create a “dynamic link”. Next step: open the component of 3D Text, delete all Geometries of 3d text then paste “children” inside that component and you done.

When you move the parent, the children will be move along. When the children moves, the parent is still stay there.

But there is a limit, if you rotate the parent, the “dynamic link” will be broken.

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