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Hi guys, i’m new in Sketchup, and i’m trying to create a simple thing. I have a component that i would like to duplicate following 2 axis (x and y) to create a checkerboard of this component.
Here is 2 photos of what i have and what i would like to have using dynamic components.

This could be done with Dynamic Components as a fun project, but it might be better done with a texture applied to the floor. Unless your objective is to make a detailed model of every piece in the parquet flooring, your model would have a lot less geometry in it if you used a texture.

@McGordon raises a good point about textures.

But even if you are determined to have all that geometry, it is easily and quickly achieved using the move tool’s array copy feature. Move one copy to the side of the original and then type, for example, 10x to create 10 copies. Then move-copy the entire array in the perpendicular direction and again use 10x (or whatever) to complete the grid.

HI, i really need to do it this way. The final goal is to manipulate the checkerboard with handles.

Thanks for your answers, i had already condiser them but they are not what i need.

For now, i created a first line of components (with “copies” in the dynamic components) and tried to duplicate that line in the other directions by making the line into an other dynamic component, but it doesn’t work well when i change the number of copies


In other words i need to create a copy of a copy but i don’t know if it is the right way to do it.

You can still do what you want with textures.

Fit a texture to a rectangle the right size for one copy.

Then just move one edge of the rectangle (sort-of-like ‘pulling a handle’). The texture will replicate.Parquet square.skp (131.6 KB)

Open this component for editing. Move the further edge along the green axis. The parquet square repeats along green.

Move the right edge. The array of textured squares expands along red.

That sounds to me like what you say you want.

Just for fun, here it is as a Dynamic Component.

Parquet Flooring.skp (251.3 KB)
Don’t open it directly in SketchUp or it won’t work. Import it into an empty file or access it via the Components window, open local collection (your downloads folder).


It’s pretty slow to resize with all those blocks and SketchUp will ask you if you want to continue when it takes a long time.

I’ve only applied a single texture to a board and all board components are the same. It would look better if the “Four Squares” component had all sixteen faces painted differently to make it look random. These would then be repeated and having “Four Squares” as a single component with no subcomponents would be faster too. Which is moving towards just one face for the whole floor and an applied texture which is what I thought would be better in the first place.

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Wow ! Thanks a lot for being so helpfull guys.

john_mcclenahan --> i might use this solution but the main goal of my topic was a better understanding of dynamic components for other projects

McGordon --> yes, that’s exactly what i wanted to do. I was pretty close to it, but just the fact that i have to import the file to an empty one helps me a lot.

Once more thank you, this is the first topic i’ve made and i’ve already received a lot of help.
This forum looks awesome :grinning:

That’s a good reason to start with a simple requirement - glad you now have a prototype thanks to @McGordon.

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