Crashing trying to connect two points

With & without GPU enabled Sketchup crashes (without doing it’s dump thing) when I try to connect two points on my model :frowning: I’ve rearranged bits and stuff, but it doesn’t seem to like this model.

File’s at: Dropbox - CRASH CLOSING HOLE.skp - Simplify your life

  1. Edit Group
  2. Select Line tool
  3. Draw line from point between pink triangles to point between blue triangles…
    Sketchup just exits.

Similar stuff from points around there to the plane in the foreground.

Windows 10 64-bit, NVidia GTX 770, but it does it whether or not I have the GPU acceleration turned on.

First thing I would try is, Window/Model info/Statistics and hit the purge unused button.

It would seem to be a problem with your specific setup. I just followed your steps 1-3 (had to draw several lines because the edges aren’t coplanar). SketchUp is sluggish because of the amount of geometry in the group, but otherwise no crash.

Machine specific would be annoying. I just meant the bottom line crashes it, I don’t have to do the top line to crash, sorry to be confusing. What kinds of machine specific problems can there be? I’m 15.3.331 64-bit, free version. As mentioned I tried killing the GPU, which seemed to help a tiny bit, but not really.

Hmm, I tried Box’s purged unused (& repair) buttons, but they didn’t seem to find anything… glad to know about that feature though!

Same symptoms if I try to connect the two pink planes here: Dropbox - Crash Connecting Planes.skp - Simplify your life - edit group, draw a line between the two pink planes, it blows up, no error report.

I guess I’ll try on another box / dig deeper. I can “work around” the first bit by making the top lines a little closer to the bottom ones (more coplanar I suppose), but that’s impractical on the whole model. What I’m really trying to do is slice the model at that plane, but creating a group from a slice and merging it was blowing up too :frowning:

Try and update the driver:

Check the forum for any posted Hotfix beta drivers.