Crashing on pasting!

I upgraded to the subscription after years on Sketchup Pro 7. Now with Version 21.1.332 64 bit, the program crashes when I paste in portions of another model. This is unacceptable. As an architect, I am constantly pasting building models into sites, etc. Please help! Thanks.

First place to start is to make sure you installed SketchUp correctly. When you installed it did you right click on the download installer and choose Run as administrator?

when it crashes do you get a Bug Splat message? If so, are you sending the report in with something to identify that it came from you?

If you paste the portion of the model into a blank SketchUp file does it crash?

I always use import. Never have an issue with this.


I installed it per instructions - not sure if it was Run as Administrator. I do not get a Bug Splat message… Yes, it does crash when I paste into a blank Sketchup model.

Well, make sure it is installed correctly. Close SketchUp and find the downloaded installer. Right click on it, choose run as administrator and then choose the Repair option.

When SketchUp crashes does it close completely?

It does close completely. I will also look for the downloaded installer - is it in the Sketchup folder on my hard drive?

I can’t find the ‘download installer’. Any idea where that is?

The downloaded installer ought to be in your Downloads folder or wherever your internet browser saves files you download. If it’s not there, go to and download it again.

Will do - thanks for your help!

Fingers crossed and breath bated. :wink:

Going from SU7 to SU2021 is a pretty big jump, did you upgrade your hardware as well.
Your graphic card is fairly old, although they did re-release it due to shortages recently.
Have you checked updated the graphic card driver directly from Nvidia.

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So you have a new SU 2021 model or an existing SU 7 model open in SU 2021…?

And you are copying parts of this model into another instance of SU 2021 and it’s crashing…?