Crashing like the UK economy

Hi all I have been working on a model andsketchupPro 2019 keeps crashing. It happened 7 times yesterday without any auto saves so not impressed. I have run the fix problems and purge unused. My PC Is underspeced but I have create different much larger models than this one. It removed the front of my building first and it seems to have moved my model off the origin. Any body experiencing anything similar and any ideas how to fix it. I’m getting more frustrated than a BREXIT Voter!,

Point of order

It’s not our economy that is crashing (not yet, anyway). In fact, it is doing quite well, especially compared to the rest of Europe (and yes, that includes Germany).

It is our politics that is in freefall.

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Detailed specs of PC will help sort this out. Guessing, go to Window>preferences>open GL and untick “use fast feedback”.

When you say crashing, is that a bugslat? Sometimes SkethUp staff can help figuring out the issue from the crash report.

Hi yes most created a bugsplat. I have just reopened the model file and it has randomly moved geometry around the space. My PC is under speced but I have created larger models without a problem. The last crash didn’t even create a bug splat. It’s a mess

Hi What does that do???

In instances that the video in the PC is not properly supporting the needs of SU, it is a work around to enable the user to run the app. This has worked for many users. Again, detailed specs for the PC will help diagnose the issue, please update your profile.

Or leaky roof:

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