Crashing at startup when connected to dock

Hi @colin and @SketchUpTeam,

Yesterday my windows 10 updated to 20H2 and now I cannot open Sketchup, Layout or Stylebuilder anymore when connected to the docking station. It crashes every time before any window comes up.

I suspected drivers so I updated everything, Nvidia geforce, motherboard and docking station drivers. Still the issue persists. (I’ve submitted several crash reports if you want to look at it.)

My hardware is:
Asus NV580GD laptop with Startech usb dock (USB3SDOCKDD).

Are there any tips on what else I could try? (Other than going back to previous windows version…?)

[update] I just noticed that if I make my laptop display primary then it Sketchup starts up without problems.


You didn’t mention the docking station firmware. That might also have a newer version available.

Now that your laptop display is set to be the primary, what happens if you close your laptop lid? My HP dock switches the primary display automatically to the external screen.

windows key + P also allows to switch modes (computer only - duplicate - extend - external only)

I haven’t seen windows referred to as 20H2 before. Where does that number appear? My Windows 10 shows 2004 and 20262.1010.

You are in the preview versions. 20H2 is the fall release.

Interesting. Previous years it has been a release of 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909, 2004. This 20H2 thing seems new, even for release versions.

I need to keep it open. If I close the lid then Sketchup would crash at startup. But I can run sketchup with lid open and then once it’s running I close it and it’s running fine.

I recorded a short video showing this:

I haven’t found anything about how firmware might be updated on the Startech website.

Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎24. ‎11. ‎2020
OS build 19042.630
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.31.0

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