Crashes without bug splat

Sometimes a three page layout-document crashes while exporting for jpg and / or png (win 10 pro, xeon 64 Gb). The skp is about 36 Mb, the layout roughly the same).
Repetead actions on my mac pro runs ok, though, but not on my lap tops, nor with Ryzen 5…

Any improvement appreciated.

As well as a functioning solution in an upgrade for 2019 any day now?

Otherwise I’m really enjoying SU and LO, trust me - it’s a giant leap from what I once made in what’s now branded Make.

Oslo, 4/6-2019
Egil Johannessen

How large are you exporting?
I have seen this kind of bugsplats when, in the export options, the ratio was really of (eg. 19.000x10 pixels)