Crash with flip tool

Hi, crash when I use symmetric tool especially whith a round form.
Sketchup 2023 pro MacBook Pro Intel i7 Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 Mo Monterey

I don’t believe there is something called the symmetric tool…
Please elaborate to make clear what it is that you’re having trouble with.

And please put the information in your forum profile, it helps us to help you!

Sorry’ mirror tool

So you are referring to one of the Mirror extensions? Which one? Share your SketchUp file so we can see what you are working with.

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I have reason to suspect that it’s the Curic Mirror extension you use. That was updated not long ago to support new SketchUp 2023 features. It would be worth checking you’re on the latest version:

Is it the native flip tool or a plugin?

It’s the native tool

I can reproduce the bug with the native mirror tool on SU 2023 last update

Draw a simple square 0.1m with half circle at the top
Select them and The mirror copy crash SU

I send a crash report last night

On Su 2023 Windows 10

Just to avoid confusions, the native mirror tool is called flip tool.

OP is on mac os 10.15, you’re on win 10, I wonder if it could have a link, older OS, older GPU drivers.

I get no crash on os13.5 nor win 11.

sorry, flip tool, native, but the bug is still here.
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Have you sent in the bugsplat reports? @colin could look them up.
Can you post a model where the Flip tool fails?

Although you didn’t enter any of your details (name or email address for example), I did find your bugsplat!

I have asked the developers to take a look at it.

Your steps seemed to include a couple of Undo actions. Can you reply with a simple model, and precise steps needed to make the crash happen?

Hello this morning SU crash I redo this test and SU doesn’t respond

I found your 8 bugsplats, thanks for sending them in.

You also did use the Flip tool and then did an undo. Do you have an example file and the steps you do to make the crash happen?

when I move the red or green panel to make a copy with the option key I have a systematic crash.
A rollover without the option key does not cause a crash

Are you holding Option or just tapping it to activate the copy function?

A developer reproduced your crash on Windows. The key step is to come out of Copy mode while pointing at the new copy, then move the cursor. If you’re pointing to anything else the crash shouldn’t happen.

We logged a bug in our system, SKOR-18341.

The same steps don’t crash on Mac for me, at least not so far. I expect the same fix will help Mac as well as PC.

Thank you, I’ll make a try.
Best regards