Crash when dragging a component from the component window 2015


Mac osx Mavericks, 64gigs new video card, Sketchup2015…recently I have been getting crashing when I simply try to drag a component into my drawing. The signs its going to crash are:
when I drag the component - I get a paint bucket with a spinning rainbow…crash. If I get a “move” sign instead of the paint bucket it wont crash. But paint bucket= crash.
I have reinstalled the program. Fixed permissions, erased the preferences file. Turned off extensions…but component drag to main window= paint bucket, spinning rainbow and then crash bug program.
Thoughts? Help? Thanks.


Always the same file? Are you sending in crash reports?


is there ‘text’ in or on the ‘crashing’ components?
do you mean the SU ‘paint bucket’ or a ‘spinning beachball’



Have contacted for help but have gotten no where. Sent reports. Tried to send examples. NOt happening on any ONE file. No text in the issue. Pint bucket shows where usually the move tool would. Rainbow beachball spins and then crash. Same things but on any drawing with any component being dragged to main window from component window.


I think it may have something to do with models created in any thing before '15. If I drag it crashes. sometimes I am able to use the import pull down but usually crashes. My work around now is to just open the model or component I need and copy and paste. I notice that it gives me the “created in 8 or '14” warning box. But if I copy and paste it doesnt crash.


I sent a PM to @carteraddy because I’m not seeing a name on a crash report that matches. Folks, if you want to be contacted, please submit your name & email. That’s no guarantee we’ll respond, but at least we have a chance of reaching you.


I found one crash that has similar comments to yours, and it has Ruby Observers in it. Are you SURE you’ve disabled extensions?


I have completely disabled everything on top of reinstalling and doing all other trouble shooting things. It seems to infact been a plug in and I have not started to re-install any yet. But I must have missed something important before. So thanks for making me check the plug ins again.


Vray is the culprit. Ugh. Guess I will try re-installing that but at least I have narrowed it down.


Thanks for reporting the solution.


But I also realize that Vray has released a 2/15/15 for Win but no 64 mac since 11/14. Sketchup has gone 64 since then and I guess Vray needs a new release for the mac or I may still have the 30 crashes a day while working! I sure hope there is one coming or I suppose I should go back to the 32 bit vray.


I have same your problem … when I need to get component the sketchup crash