Crash trying to render with V-Ray

SketchUp 2021 with V-Ray (the newest V-Ray for SketchUp).
When I’m trying to render simple shape with basic setup all is ok, but when I’m trying to render my sophisticated project of the house (Kettle Icon-> Render - Starts or stops a non interactive render) fatal error of SketchUp occurs and application is crashing. Bug splat occurred and I’ve reported it, but maybe You are able to help me faster than official support.

Crash #44340

I looked at the bugsplat, thanks. All of the people with the same issue have reported it since the Vray update on February 23rd. All of the ones that I checked into further were non-US or UK users. I’m wondering if there is an issue with non-English systems.

If you can easily test in English, see if the crash stops happening. If not, you can download the previous Vray from here:

Hi Colin, many thanks for this your advice. I’ve installed previous version of V-Ray (your link) and it is ok :slight_smile:
(Since I have had many problems with non-US setting currently my OS is localized as United States.)