Crash sketchup-3D import

I search the 3D warehouse, I found several models which I saved on my folder (pc) when I open and trying to import my sketch up crash. Do not know why I have a pc with all the qualifications.

Please can you explain to me why is that happening.

Thank you

Post the 3DW links to these models.

I have many which I saved:
PMR +Bed+collection+82

If you know the name, it would still pop up if you are signed in.
Use the search

When I looked at the properties of the file that is what is shown.

Try to use a browser and go to the 3D Warehouse

I will, my question is why is that happens? no just with one model but several?

I will

Do you work on a laptop?
Ensure it is using the ‘dedicated’ graphic card, if available.
If you only have an integrated graphic card, be sure to update the drivers from the manufacturer (Intel?)

Hi Mike thank you, I have a gaming PC, for all the graphics I install Lumion not a problem.