Crash every 6 minutes

Hello, I have just downloaded the trial version of sketchup pro 2017, being student I wanted to see a little bit the software before taking a pro license but has every time I throw the software everything walks correctly but at the end of 4-6 minutes sketchup does not answer anymore and these close, I have one i7 and one 970m what has to be enough has to do it walked, help I please sorry for my english i am french :slight_smile:Capture

You may want to try to turn the autosave feature off and see if there is any change. I know sometimes programs can get caught up with auto saving.

Window> Preference> General> Auto Save


Hello, I have just tested, but unfortunately no change

Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the EXE file and selecting Run as administrator? If not, do it now and choose the Reapir option.


Thanks so much !

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