Covering curved gaps


I cannot cover the gaps/holes of a quadrant. Previous, I made a hole for the sink but now I want to shift the stove to the sink area (Switch placement) however, I cannot mend the hole. I tried to draw the surface using the arc tool but it doesn’t match correctly.
Is there a way to cover it? The push tool doesn’t work.


There are several ways.
You can select all the geometry of the hole and delete it, or draw along one edge and it should fill in.
But you need to be in the correct context of the hole to work with it. In edit mode of the group or component if it isn’t raw geometry.

It would be easier to tell you if you attached the model, or just the part you want to fix.
Upload button 7th from the left at the top of the reply window.


o.o It worked, thank you so much! I didn’t though of drawing the straight line out instead of trying to draw the curve line to seal the hole。:sweat_smile:
Edit: I did upload a picture of my model, did it not appear? >.<


The picture appeared but I meant the model itself.
Glad you got it to work.
Here is the other option I mentioned, selecting all of it and deleting.


o.o I didn’t know we can do that o.o Thank you!
Oh the sketch up file? Noted, I will try to when I post the next time :sweat_smile: