Could I have a geometry check please

Lately I have been having trouble with my geometry, copying things incorrectly etc and not making components.
I have just drawn a simple garden bed and would like those that know to check it out for me and make any suggestions where I could better my processes

Thanks in advance
garden_bed.skp (337.4 KB)

You have the corner posts sort of fixed. They don’t need to be nested, though. Notice that when you select a post, the bounding box surrounds two posts and the panel between. You could explode each of them leaving just the corner post components and the panel on their own.

Your rebates aren’t quite deep enough or the posts need to be moved out a bit.

Hi Dave
I don’t understand about nesting, I made a post and copied it.

I made 2 posts and 1 sheet of iron a group so I could copy it instead of remaking it, does exploding something stop it from being part of a group ?

Nesting is putting multiple components in a group or component. You can do that and there are times when it is appropriate but you don’t need the nesting to be able to copy the posts and panel to the other side. Just select the three components and use Move Copy.

Thanks again,

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