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Schöne renderings, wie immer @Cotty. :thumbsup: Did you use the RoundCorner for the beveled edges or is it from the render engine?


In the model, they are 80mm wide :wink:

Yes, all edges are beveled with that great plugin. Other used plugins: SketchUV, Mirror, TrimAndKeep (Yes, Dave, I’ve used it :wink: )


Hi there may I ask how to combine su lines to the rendered image, what process do you make for that ? BTW Amazing work you have here.


Hey there. The general idea is to export a normal Hidden Line style from SketchUp (same ratio as the render). And then in a photo editing software (Photoshop for example), combine the 2 together and put the Hidden Line photo into “Multiply” mode.


Thanks man, really appreciate the help. I’ll try that later…thanks again.


I downloaded the model but think it needs to be glued together?


A dovetail inspired by this video:

dovetail2_cotty.skp (46.7 KB)

(Animated with Fredos Animator plugin)


And a rendered version…


Nice. You just need some end grain material. :wink:


Thanks. The wood is from a mega mammoth tree so the age rings of the tree are nearly straight :wink:


Nice piece of art, and so is your model. But I seriously doubt that there is/will be much practical use for this approach. Way too much work/difficult to make. But even more important is the lack of strenght compared to the more traditional dovetail forms there are.


@Wo3Dan the skill involved and the delightful impracticality of it gives it purpose. What is the joy of craftsmanship without the miraculously impractical?

Makes me think,
Pessimist = half empty
Optimist = half full
Wo3dan = glass is the wrong size


jimhami42 = FREE GLASS!


:laughing: I just blew coffee onto my keyboard!


I’ve seen that joint written up as a puzzle: “How did he make this? Is it a trick? How do you put it together?” with a photo of the real thing. But I don’t think it has any functional value as a joint, it’s an intellectual/artistic effort!


Oh come on, this is strolling into the realm of a ‘No new features’ thread.
If we as a group can’t enjoy complex simplicity, who can.


Was that directed at me? If so, oh come on yourself! Since when does saying the value of something is as an intellectual/artistic effort imply it has no value, can’t be enjoyed for its “complex simplicity”, or shouldn’t be pursued (as the reference to the “no new features” thread implies)? If I choose not to put elegant art glass (at $250/sq ft) into my windows, does that mean I don’t appreciate or value it for its beauty? Besides, my main point was that I’ve actually seen photos of that joint in the flesh, not just as a SketchUp model.


I wish to refere to the first sentence of my post and i would also like to refere to @slbaumgartner’s second post as a reply to you. I didn’t nor do disapprove of @Cotty’s art and/or the original art.
Don’t make this into another ‘No new features’ thread.


A simple heater created with SubD…


Sorry guys, without the “But it’s not Practical” bit, your posts would have been spot on, so why throw in the negative bit, that’s all I was getting at.