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Beautiful one!!!


A quick making of…



Warning: I’m about to nitpick … myself!!

When I saw the image file name “spriralvase.png”, my immediate thought was “That can’t be a vase, it won’t hold water!” So to Google I go - intending to find proof that holding water is an intrinsic part of vaseness.

Ooops! It turns out that every definition of “vase” I found gives 2 possible purposes:

  • Hold cut flowers or
  • Be ornamental

Turns out that neither of these actually requires the ability to hold water! What’s that you say? Well, it certainly isn’t necessary that it hold water in order to be ornamental. It also says only “hold cut flowers” - not “hold cut flowers in water”.

So while I intended to nitpick @Cotty, I ended up, instead, nitpicking myself!

Nonetheless, Nice design and rendering!



WOW! I would love to see the steps you took to model and render this. Fantastic!


Thank you. These are the steps…

  • vertical rectangle (as reference)
  • outer contour with the arc tool
  • offset for thickness
  • fluid parts from the inner face (arc tool too, separated as groups)
  • follow me
  • materials
  • simple background with wood texture (texture positioning with SketchUV)
  • lightning with EXR image and rendered with Indigo Renderer
  • all done within some minutes…


Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I’ll give it a go!


cotty your a beast mate


(Inspired from this video.)
(Edges chamfered with FredoCorner)


A LED plywood lamp (inspired from this video)…


Very nice as usual Mr Cotty. I saw this video the other day and thought it looked really cool. Maybe it could inspire your next project. (the commentary is a bit awful though)


So much reflections, it will be a hard time for the renderer :wink:


I came across it by accident, but I thought it were your kind of thing as soon as I saw it. The table is nothing special, but I’ve never seen anything like the light effects. For a 15 year old it’s pretty awesome. Probably a good challenge to render, but maybe worth a shot.


A quick SubD doodle…

based on this component…


Edit: … and a small variation:


Inspired from this video…


An art thing…




I think you meant to say SubDoodle…


The result of a ruby class at Basecamp, if you look closely, you can see the generating ruby code in there…