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A simple wooden pot coaster…


Very nice. Very delicate, though.


Makes me think of some of the student projects at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). Beautiful and elegant, but a real engineering challenge to fabricate!


I think the hardest thing would be keeping it from falling apart while it is being made.


Sawing it would be hard but laser cutting it would probably work just fine. However, then the sides would look burned.


A-W-E-S-O-M-E, cotty :heart_eyes:


Water cutting would work.


Send me the cutter and I will try it for you :wink:



Rendered image:


Sweet render!
Did you use Thea? Also what’s the benefit/reason of hole in that light?


Nice work, Cotty.

I’ll bet that’s not a light. It’s just a mask to crerate some variation in the light. And my guess is the face on the right is just a reflector.


@filibis ist right, it’s the left light source, and the hole make no difference with these materials but will do with more reflective ones. The rectangle on the right side is another light source with a lower light temperature and less intensity. Renderer was Indigo in this case.


some marble…


box ensemble…


Fantastic and original work. This is very inspirational.


Yesterday, I’ve finished my first Rubiks Cube without instructions, isn’t it a great reason to model it?!




Only some seconds, approximately 1000 :wink:
I’ve watched some world record videos, maybe I have to practice some lightyears more…


A little paragraph house…


Lovely lettering.