Cotty's 3D printing adventures

Ultimaker Cura (currently 4.8.0)

Have you looked at Simplify 3D. I am not real familiar with Cura but if the supports are anything resembling FlashPrint I can see why you don’t like them. The supports in
Simplify are accordion shaped, you can grab an end and pull, very little cleanup. As a bonus one can add to them I necessary.
Simplify 3D

Yes I have, but it is too expensive for my purposes. Cura also already has many support setting options, I’ve just never really tried them out, because:

  • every support needs additional time and material
  • it is mostly possible to model in a way that no support is needed
  • it is always amazing to see how well the printer can print moderate overhangs satisfactorily

Holders for frames during bee hive inspection…