Corrupted Layout File - Please help me

Please help me recover my corrupted layout file.

What file?

It’s a rar compression file.

I also get an error opening your Layout file – perhaps @colin can help.

There are parts of the file that are missing.

In File Explorer, go to this folder:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2023\LayOut\working

See what folders there are in that location. I’m hoping you will see a folder that was modified recently, and that is about as big as your corrupt file (somewhere over 400 MB). If there is a folder that might be the right one, go into that folder, and make a zip file of the contents of the folder. I used 7-zip to do that.

Move the zip file somewhere else, say Documents or Downloads, and rename the file. In my test the zip file was ‘’ at this point, and I renamed it to ‘afile.layout’. You can choose your own name.

Windows is likely to give you a warning as you rename the file.

Try opening that renamed file.