Corrupt File won't open on Layout. Is there a way I can fix this?

It’s a 26 gig file, is there any file recovery options avaliable?

Maybe you have to try to read this.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a file make it over 1 Gb, let alone 26 Gb. I’m not sure there will be much you can do to recover the file if it won’t even open.

That being said, the .LAYOUT extension is technically a .ZIP of content so you may be able to recover some portions of the file by changing the extension to .ZIP and unzipping it, then recover any referenced data from the file. Alternatively, deleting some large references and re-zipping the file, then renaming to .LAYOUT may help as well.

In the future I caution against creating files that large, I don’t know any application short of Database software that can handle that amount of content effectively.

I haven’t seen it lately, but once a LayOut file of mine started bloating unexpectedly (grew from a couple of Mb to over 100 Mb, and when I looked inside with the rename-to-ZIP-method, I found that for some reason the application had created apparently uncompressed PNG copies of every placed JPG image. I haven’t deliberately tried to reproduce this (it might have to do with clipping masks).


A few versions back we had an issue where some inserted font file would inexplicably replicate, ultimately it was an issue with the font becoming corrupt. We fixed it though, I think it was LayOut 1 or early LayOut 2 but fixed in a maintenance release.

@tess_nettlefold14, is this all happening in LayOut 2014?