Corbels Not Aligning With Matched Photo

I am building a model of a demolished building and only have photos for reference. I have been utilizing Sketchups matched photo tool.

For those that are more experienced using it, the corbels here, I cannot seem to get them all to line up. Do you think the ones on the actual building weren’t distributed evenly, or I have them in the wrong position?

Note that I am doing the real model in Archicad, and just using Sketchup for trim. Please forgive some of the sloppiness as this is just for experimenting. The actual corbel shapes are still in progress as well.

Files via Google Drive

It’s possible that they aren’t perfectly evenly distributed. It could also be an issue with the image or your setup. I’m guessing that this is an old photo and based on its aspect ratio, I expect it’s been cropped. That would create problems for Match Photo. The other thing that isn’t great here is that you have the red setup lines very close together and the lower one is quite short. Unfortunately in this image there aren’t many good lines spaced far enough apart for accurate vanishing point location.

How is the model to be used? Does it really matter if the modelled corbels line up? Will evenly dristributing them across the facade get the point across? If it’s critical, does the building still exist and could you get a new, better image of it without the covered wagons in front?

Buildings gone, model will be used for VR. It isn’t the end of the world if it isn’t perfect, but I am making a historically accurate model, so am getting it as close as I can regardless of the time it takes.

I will model them distributed evenly, but I want to make sure that the error we witness is due to them not being distributed evenly, and not because I modeled them too short, too far away, too close etc… This is the best shot I have of them

As far as red vanishing points, this is the best I could get, and I think it worked pretty great. I’m really happy with how well things line up.

They definitely could’ve not been distributed evenly. The building was 80 years old in this picture and if they were replaced, they could’ve not been placed in the right spot.

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If 1) the vertical lines in a photo don’t converge, and 2) the horizon doesn’t exactly bisect the picture frame, then the image has been unsymmetrically cropped or “perspective corrected” by some means which means it won’t quite work right with Match Photo. Not too bad a match though, considering.

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Can confirm that there was no warping/skewing since the scan. I did not personally perform the scan to confirm the negative was completely flat, but other aspects here line up really well, so I think they did a good job.

Maybe not since the scan but the image was likely cropped years ago.

Maybe? But everything on the main structure lines up really well except for the corbels. If there was manipulation, I would expect to see major errors in it. That’s why I came to the conclusion that either the maintenance crew didn’t put them back in the right spot, or I have them modeled incorrectly.

There are two other photos in there too. Not as good, but the corbels are there

My guess is no one looking at your model will ever be able to tell. Most will assume they should be evenly spaced so if yours are, it’ll work out fine.

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I’m constantly amazed how well Match Photo works at times, and then other times can’t figure out why I can’t quite get it all perfect. At some point I just let it go and move on. I do tend to idealize existing buildings despite their little imperfections, unless it’s a critical issue.

I’d say it’s apparent in the original photograph that there’s something going on, by the alignment of corbels to the windows below on each side.

Could be. I have not corrected the windows to any photos yet. The windows were modeled in Archicad with other/inaccurate data I had.

Edit: Misread as errors in the modeled windows.

In the original photograph a corbel on the right is right above the keystone or even to the right of it slightly. The corbel above the window on the left is right of the keystone which shows an itrregularity in the symmetry.

Boom. That’s it. At this point in its life, the corbels were not evenly distributed. Thanks