Copyright issues

I understand diffusion images are only cco 1.0 meaning all images created with it are always public domain? Is there no other way? I find it quite problematic, it would be the same almost as saying all projects created with photoshop would be public domain? I love the results, but i also find the results not much more as applying a filter on my 3d models. A filter i would be happy to pay for (and keep my copyright)

well it’s using a tech under CC0 licence so yeah, it’s in CC0 licence too.

If one puts the first slider to keep geometry ar 100% and the second slider to 0 %, not using the prompts so in short not using AI are the images one generates still CCO?

The tech is the same, and always using AI. Diffusion is not a render engine, there is no way to show your geometry with existing materials, the AI is reinventing and elaborating the image every time.

There is no CC0 imposition to SketchUp Diffusion images. Please read this statement in another thread that clarifies the issue:


oh yes, I remember reading something, but I didn’t see it here, My bad, it’s in another copyright themed thread.
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Yes, the phrasing of the FAQ was, as it turns out, misleading, good they adressed it

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