Copy Surface

OK Guys.
This is probably straightforward.
Having just done a 2021 SU Pro upgrade for Mac I find that the copy select drag works in a
slightly different keyboard command but not an issue if I release the option key while dragging.
However when I try to drag a surface (say square) vertically or sideways to repeat it no longer works as before??
Any ideas? Has the command changed?

It recently changed to a toggle, so tap rather than tap and hold.

Ahhh… Thank you so much. these things should come with a health warning
when they introduce items like this.

It hasn’t been hailed as one of their greatest innovations, so keep an eye out as it is possible it may change again in the near future.

They did announce it in the release notes.

And on the day of the release Aaron put this demo online;

Thanks guys.
Much appreciated.