Copy Scene Camera View to Other Scenes

Uncheck CAMERA location in the Scenes window:. Make new scenes. All I know is when camera is unchecked, new scenes don’t relocate the camera. As with most stuff, I’m just Talking Out Loud. Good thing or you wouldn’t hear me.
My real input follows…

I control almost all settings in SU using scenes. Such as style, tag status, tag color and opacity,
camera location, to move about in the model,
Zoom, Move to my Component Farm instantly, ( rather than using the cumbersome
Component window), make demos, animations, etc…it only takes a bit of imagination

Without Scenes, SU is rediculous. having to scroll, scroll, scroll and reset stuff over and over.
Likely the most powerful work flow tool in SU

Sorry, probably went off topic a bit but just sayin’

I’ve mentioned this before. It’s very easy to get the camera view to match multiple scenes. It requires no updating at all. First select the scene that you want other scenes to match. Then in the scene manager highlight using shift and or control to select the other scenes you want to match. Then uncheck the camera properties to be saved, then immediately re-check. DO NOT HIT UPDATE. That is all you need to do. This can be done for all the properties as well.