Copy/Paste Scale Issue


I’m trying to copy a portion of my model and paste it into another model. When Paste is used the scale of the copied item changes. This is occurring in one model only - otherwise copy/paste seems to work fine.
For instance, When I copy a 60 inch diameter circle and paste it into a new file, the circle paste as a 720 inch diameter circle.
All thoughts appreciated.


Probably your model is using Feet as the modeling unit and you have modelled thinking you are using Inches…

It has happened before. I have seen several house models with walls some kilometers high, when the user thought he was using Millimeters but the actual unit was Meters.



Thanks for the replay. I double checked - units decimal inches. A circle drawn and measured at 60 inch diameter when pasted it into a new file, becomes a the circle measured at 720 inch diameter.
When the operation is repeated in a new file - draw a 60 inch diameter circle and copy the new file, the circle is 60 inches diameter. Exactly as it should be.
The problem appears to be unique to the the original model. Any thoughts. Other viewers feel free to comment. If helpful, I can attach the original model.


sure, attach the model and we’ll see if anyone can repeat the issue


The difference is exactly 12 times. 12 x 60 = 720. Is there any correlation with the number 12? Just thinking.


The format has changed and I do not see how to attach a file. Can you or someone else help with attachments.


so that the model does not change the condition of the field, try to click on a model that will be copied, then press Ctrl and select the keyboard moves the mouse click and drag. when the keyboard is pressed move the mouse cursor will give a plus sign (+) …may be useful


When you reply, there’s an icon that looks like this:

And what do you mean the format has changed? the file type? or the units?


Hinge Case- Acad Overlay 227 Inch height.skp (1.4 MB)
I think the above is the attached file. What I was trying to say - The web site has changed and I wasn’t sure how to attach a file.
I’m still not sure if the above is an attached file - it just looks different.
Ignore everything in file except circle. The circle in the model is 60 inches in diameter. When I copy this circle to a new file the circle becomes 720 inches in diameter. Also, if I copy from an existing file and paste into the model, the scale of the copied item changes.
Thanks for your help


Hi Joe,
The white circle in your file, is already 720" or 60’. You can see the measurement on the bottom right where it shows the length that I’ve measured.


I’m embarrassed. I checked the size at least fifty times using the measurement tool. Always 60 in the model and 720 in the new file. Somehow when I created the model, units got changed from inches to feet. Maybe that happened when I installed “pro”. Like I said, I’m embarrassed.
I should be able to scale the model a be back in business.
Thanks for you help