Copy Paste Measurement box


Hi good morning,
itis possible to copy paste value from clipboard into the measurement box ?
many thanks

best regards


AFAIK not. In what situation do you miss this possibility?


it is… though i personally don’t find it useful at all.

another problem is if i copy something like 2’-6" from a rich text format file (such as my spreadsheet application), sketchup won’t accept it as valid since the quotation marks are slightly different…
but if i copy a measurement from the measurement box itself (or this forum for example), i can then paste it back into the measurement box and it will accept.

(also, i’m on mac… on windows, i don’t know whether or not it’s possible at all)


I need to export a lot of measure to another draw , copy past with the Tape measure Tool would be simple.
and i would like to copy paste value from a excel sheet …



There are plugins to import points from external files…