Copy & Paste Error - Reverts to Old Content

I am creating a master layout file comprised of pages exported to Layout from several different Sketchup files. When I update a Sketchup file I (1) save the updated Sketchup file and export it to a new Layout file (2) save the new “temporary” Layout file (3) open my master Layout file, proceed to the page I want to update and delete the existing content that relied my now superseded Sketchup file and (4) copy & paste the new Layout content from the temp file into the master file. When I do this, rather than pasting the new content, Layout restores the image from the superseded Sketchup file–I am unable to paste the new content into my master file. (Same result if I create a new page in my Layout master file instead of reusing the page I want to update.) I’m using macOS Monterey and the most recent Sketchup and Layout applications.

Why aren’t you just relinking to the new SketchUp file? You can relink all viewports or just individual one depending on what you need.

well I guess that if you paste a layout viewport that has been updated from the last sketchup save, into another layout file that contains a not updated sketchup reference, its that old sketchup reference that will show- until you also update sketchup references in that last document.

I dont understand either what these in-between files are supposed to accomplish.

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