Copy part of a component as new unique component

Created a complex diagram, set it as a component, now I’d like to copy just a part of the diagram to create a new unique sub-component. Everything I try fails. Help please.

Upload the file here, and describe which part of what component you are trying to copy.

Use the seventh icon from the left above where you type your post to upload the file.

If it is too large (> 3MB) upload it to the 3D warehouse (max 50MB) or a file sharing site like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, and post a link here.

In its most basic form, open the component for editing, select the part you want, Copy, close the component, Paste in Place, make Component.


Made it easier on myself - created guide lines and generated a new component that way. Thanks anyway.

How? Could you show us your easier way?

DaveR. Measuring from edges to other edges will create guide lines (as long as you don’t do it from endpoints or midpoints). You can now use the rectangle and line tools to create a copy of your original using the guide lines. Hope that answers your question, otherwise one of the experts will have to.

One of the advantages of drawing on a computer is that you don’t have to draw things you have already drawn… copy paste is your friend

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