Copy angle information from one object to another


Hope you can help.

I’m sure there’s a real easy/quick answer to this.
I have two objects in my scene. The second object is set at a specific angle. How do I copy this angle and apply it to the first object?



A screen shot would have been helpful.

Try this…
Assuming that the rotated object has some straight edges - Make sure Guides are set ON, now use the Tapemeasure tool to make a Guideline that runs though it [hold mouse button, drag off and back onto the edge and release the mouse button], now Select the Guideline and use Move, snap somewhere on the Guide and Move it onto the other object, snapped through a logical ‘point’, about which you might want it to turn.
Now Select the second object, activate the Rotate tool and snap to this ‘point’, choosing a suitable rotation axes - say Blue ?
Now snap onto an edge within the second object and turn the object until it aligns with the Guideline, snap onto the Guide.
Now the second object is at the same angle as the first object.
Relocate the second object using Move if the Rotation leaves it misplaced…
Delete the Guideline.

It takes much longer to write this than it would to do it !

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