Copy also hides when I hide original

Hi Everyone, this is my first post, so please be gentle with me and don’t get too technical I’ve only been using Sketchup Make 2017 for a few months.

Right down to it. I have made a Telescopic Ladder (Closed) and tagged it in the Layer panel (Ladder Closed), so I can hide it or unhide it, great so far. Now I need to make the Ladder fully extended. So I copy the original, (so I don’t have to make the ladder all over again). I rename it ‘Ladder Open’, make it unique and tag it in the Layout panel, works great. I can hide it or unhide, all working fine. But no, when I hide the original ‘Ladder Closed’ it also hides the copy ‘Ladder Open’

What am I doing wrong. I’ve had a number of occasions where, if this method had worked, it what have saved me tons of time. Like when I needed a door open and a door closed I’ve had to redraw each door, because the above doesn’t work, well not for me.
Is there a solution??? Please help, thanks in advance.

Right-clik on the second model (‘Ladder Open’) > Edit Component > Select all raw geometry (it will be on layer ‘Ladder Closed’) > Assign to Layer 0.

@mihai.s is likely right. But as usual, if you can share the model here (drag it into the editor as you enter a reply or use the 8-th icon from the left in the reply window menu bar) we can check it over and make sure.

Hi mihai.s, thanks for the speedy reply.
I’m afraid you lost me when you said 'it will be on the Layer ‘Ladder Closed’ > Assign to Layer 0. Could you go step by step and try again, sorry if I’m being a bit thick here.

The model is quiet big, but I’ll give it try.

If it is bigger than 10MB you will need to upload it to a file sharing site such as the 3D Warehouse, DropBox, etc. make it public, and share a link here.

In order not to run into such problems, it is advisable to keep raw geometry (edges and faces) in Layer 0.

Did you Edit the second component and select all ray geometry - edges and faces? After selecting them, look at what layer they have and change it with Layer 0.

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You could just copy and paste the two bits of ladder into a new model and post that.

Hooray, yes I’ve got it, thank you, thank you, thank you. It took me several tries, but your animation was brilliant, thank you guys. Problem solved.

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