Copies of the Same Component in 2 Takes (X and Z)

Hello Friends, attached I’m forwarding a drawer module that I can define in height up to 6 drawers. I would like it to make copies on the X axis also independently. Ex. I can put 3 vertical drawers, in a Horizontal row with 4 drawers.

As the formula used in the mother drawer is already associated with ‘‘copy’’ the vertical drawers, as I use the same mother module to work the copies horizontally.Gaveteiro Cava.skp (170.7 KB)

Regards, Evandro

A sample solution attached,

bank of drawer fronts.skp (143.5 KB)

you can extend the logic to specify individual drawer heights, will upload example tomorrow

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Thank you very much! this is perfect. I’m trying to understand the logic

Regards, Evandro

Thank you one more time. I’m on the way, something was wrong at the time and I couldn’t find it. Attached is a model.

Regrds, EvandroTeste2.skp (396.3 KB)

a small advance…, HELPTeste3.skp|attachment (399.0 KB)
how much I try to close the line of drawers 3 and 4 of the problemTeste3.skp (399.0 KB)

Working from the lowest child up to the top parent

1, base level, the geometry (this maybe raw and / or a mixture of components) the animate should be here for the Y movement of the drawer

  1. the structure of the copied items is next level up, a stack of drawers, copied in the Z direction

  2. then the next level up, copies of stacks in the X direction

then the container (carcass) or top parent.

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