Copied model (was a group in original model) become distorted - its axes do not align

Hi There,

I have copied a model from one Sketchup file to an other. The original model potentially has been geolocated before, but I am not 100%.

The blue grid showing that it is grouped looks distorted and it is not possible to align it to the axes properly.


Many thanks guys! :slight_smile:

It is difficult to give you an advice based on a picture.

Can you upload the skp file in your next post in this thread?

I see bluish faces on the exterior wall. This is an indication of revered faces.

Q2 HOUSE Model 02.03.2023.skp (778.5 KB)

Hi Jean,

here we go the model!

Thank you so much for your help!

Your building has somehow gotten out of square:

You should check whether it was square in the original model before copying, as I donโ€™t see how copy and paste could do this to a model.

Since the bounding box axes are square to each other, this is going to make it impossible to get a tight-fitting bounding box or to get all walls to align with model axes at the same time.

Since your house is a group, move it away from the other geometries then explode that group.

Once exploded, you can rotate it to align the facade with the red axis.

Once that is done, as pointed by Steve, you may need to correct the angles of the building, unless they must be different from 90ยฐ.