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I am working on Jack Human Modeling software for a school project and had to import some objects from google 3D warehouse in order to establish the needed environment for the simulation. However, I have to use google sketchUp to convert the file type. Jack supports (PSS and Fig). I am not a master in this topic, I tried so hard to convert the 3D object from the warehouse so it can works in Jack software but I could not.
Jack Software by Siemens.

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3D Warehouse ans SketchUp belong to Trimble instead of Google since 2012.

PSS and Fig aren’t usual 3D formats, doesn’t your software support more common ones?

In simulation mode and creating objects, objects can be imported into Jack in only two extensions PSS and Fig.

The PSS file type is primarily associated with ‘AutoCAD’ by Autodesk, Inc., also applies to AutoCAD LT.
The FIG file type is primarily associated with ‘ATOS’ by GOM mbH. ATOS is a high-end 3D digitizer.

I’ve never read about importing those filetypes in SketchUp, so there might be no direct solution. Do you have other programs to open those files and use them as converters to a SketchUp mportable format?

Actually, the reason I chose SketchUp is that in previous dissertations and theses all whom used 3D warehouse referred to SketchUp to convert their files. They may have converted it to a different extension, I do not know, but the extensions I mentioned previously are the only ones available in the object list in Jack Software.
When opening Fig directly it takes me to Matlab, BUT Matlab states that there is an error opening the file.

So you have a fig-file already? I thought you want to export one from SketchUp?

[quote=“Cotty, post:4, topic:19210”]
The PSS file type is primarily associated with ‘AutoCAD’ by Autodesk, Inc
[/quote]It has nothing to do with 3D models as it is a “plot stamp settings file” used internally by the application.(controlling a feature that I always have to waste time figuring out how to turn it off).


Hi @Alhaider

From the Jack website:

Import CAD models – Jack can import 3D graphics data based on vrml, iges, stereolithography (stl), and inventor (iv) file formats.

It’s probably the STL format you are after as you can use SketchUp to export STL files from models you’ll get from the 3DWarehouse.

For the STL file to be valid and usable, the model downloaded will have to be considered a solid and to help you determine if it is, you can use ThomThom’s Solid Inspector 2 extension.