Converting components

I’m unable to 2D image to convert to a component in the menu under groups/ component option

What is your question? As usual, it would help us to help you if you share the .skp file.

If you have imported a raster image you cannot convert that into a component unless you explode it and select the resulting face and four edges and convert that.

That used to be the case but it changed in the last few versions.

Sorry for the late reply, I’m trying to send a skp file with an example of a 2D image that will be converted to a component. I’'ve done this with numerous other 2D, but this doesnt seem to accept it. The file will be sent over shortly, thanks

Good morning, The file was too large, and had to reduce it to be able to send it. Like I said, when right clicking on the file menu to check off component, setting the axes, and “facing the camera”. like I’ve done to similar images, it doesn’t work for some reason. Please see uploaded skp file, thanks
a tree.skp (5.5 MB)

Thanks, sorry I’m not familiar with raster images. Is it the same as 2D? If its a 2D image such as the one uploaded can it be dismantled and selecting the face and 4 edges to be able to convert it?

You don’t right click on the File menu. Right click on the image.


I did the exact same process on the other two large tree images. It worked exactly the same way.

Yes, I was unclear about right clicking on the menu. I have been right clicking directly on the image to get the draw down menu. And “components” is the 5th one down the menu (“group” is below that") and each time I click components, like Ive done with numerous other images, it doesnt seem to work with these three. These three items aren’t accepting it. I see from the file you sent, you were able to resolve it and it turns with the camera. But its not working in my model. I uploaded a screenshot to show that I’m using the correct path

Clearly you are missing a step. I’m not doing anything special. Do a screen capture video so we can see your exact steps.

I’ll have to figure out how to upload a video that shows motion, sorry I’m only familiar with still images. Its probably a malfunction with my l computer. I’ll check other images. But I’ve already done many of these, so I’m familiar with the process. I’ll provide the video image as soon as I’m able to upload.

I found the problem for components option that repeatedly showed up as incomplete when converting it from an image, . After right clicking the image, to get the “Components” dialogue box, and at the lower part of the dialogue box another option for “Replace selection with component” was unchecked. After checking the box in “Replace selection with component”, the image did convert to component successfully.