Convert pdf to sketchup

hello anyone
what is the quickest way for me to convert a PDF to sketchup? (for free)
and also JPG to sketchup?

Have it modeled (using PDF or JPG as reference) by someone that knows their way around SU?

There is no magic button (or extension) to do this automatically.


there’s a way for PDF but it isn’t exactly free since you’d need adobe illustrator. And of course the pdf must be vectorized (it can’t be a scan or a simple image). Once you’ve opened your vectorized pdf in illustrator you can export it to a .dwg file that you will then be able to import inside sketchup.

instead of Illustrator you can also use the open source Inkscape;

  • open pdf in Inkscape
  • export to dxf (only vectors will be exported, not images)
  • import in SU Pro

Edit: for jpgs - here is an old thread discussing tracing images. Maybe some of it will apply:

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