Convert component to group


Robert, I wanted to convert components to groups in code, without exploding (which is slow).


I thought it was too easy, but after reading a related post, figured this was ‘other worldly’. In the '90s, when we needed code for websites or macros or something, we always copied it from elsewhere. Too complicated otherwise.


@Robert5643, if you look up at the topbar (with the topic title and icons on the right,) you’ll see under the title, a breadcrumb list of categories. It indicates that this thread is in the Ruby programming sub-category, of the Developers category.

So, we always are talking about doing things via code in here, and answering a question in these categories with a manual procedure is just “noise”. (So you’ve earned your first “off-topic” flag.)


This would be super helpful! Any progress on this plugin? My primary need is to be able to convert the 3000+ components that come in with a revit import into groups, thus speeding up the skp component library itself, which in-turn speeds up vray turnaround time… along with general housecleaning benefits. Thx for looking into this one.


Agreed that this would be very helpful. I also have the problem of dealing with really component heavy Revit Imports that freeze my component library and prevent me from further importing the updated model into 3ds Max because of some x86 limit. If anyone discovers a simple code or plugin to replace all components with groups, please post it here! Exploding is not an option either as it causes too many problems with faces, materials and layers… and just take too long. Thanks.

Problem with a model imported from Revit

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