Convert .cdl to .dwg or .skp

Hello all,

I have searched online for about an hour to find a file converter to convert .cdl to .dwg and/or .skp

I cannot find a resource that will help me do this, so I am not sure if it can even be done.

I am trying to take a drawing from my plasma cutter from his program and get it into sketchup.


The Internet tells me that a .cdl is a Cadkey file type. You would probably need Cadkey or its successor to open the file.

I find it strange that this file format seems to be proprietary. I may just have to draw the stuff on my own!

There are various applications using a .cdl file extension…

With reference to CADKEY, the .cdl extension represents the CADKEY Macro ( .cdl ) file type/format.
CADKEY was a CAD tool by CADKEY, Inc. (later, Kubotek USA, Inc.) that gave way to its successor, Kubotek’s KeyCreator Direct CAD software, in 2003.
In this context, the .cdl file represents a sequence of CADKEY editing actions recorded as a macro.
CADKEY macros ( .cdl ) were used to work on complex parts to automate standard or repeated actions.
Even with CADKEY obsolete, CADKEY macros ( .cdl ) can still be imported in many CAD systems.