Convert a Sketchup Model to .ML file, GoCAD file

Is there a way to convert a sketchup Model to a .ML file?

I use a program called GoCAD to Model geology. This is a very complex program and can be time consuming. Some times its easier to illustrate subsurface ground conditions with a simple Sketchup Model (think layer cake example). GoCAD has there own proprietary file format text file ending with .ML is there a way to convert a sketchp model to this .ML text file?

I appreciate any help or insight into the matter!

Not as far as I’m aware.

Never heard of .ml files…
Can GoCAD import .dxf or .dwg?
If so, in SU:
File>Export>3D Graphic

Just had a quick Google.
Can’t seem to see anything online about converting AutoCAD files to .ml… :thinking:
.ml seems to be Meta Language? Not 3D then?

I appreciate you looking into it.

I found some .ML sample models online from the developers.

its from Research for Integrative Numerical Geology. My understanding is that it is a 3D text file like ASCII.

My hope is that there is a way to convert at sketchup model to this .ml type file…