Conversion of dimensions to decimal to show smaller than 1/16"

Don’t know if this is where I look for help. Looking to dimension a model in the free version and I can’t get less than 1/16 to show. How do I convert to decimals so I can layout smaller and show the actual dimensions?

Open model info and choose the Display Precision you want.

FWIW this has nothing to do with LayOut so I moved it to the correct category.

Thank you. When I’m not sure how to perform or make a function work where should I go to ask questions? I will search first but may not be stating it correctly.

This forum is a good place to ask but since you are using Sketchup Free for Web, you should put your post in this category. The LayOut category that you chose is for questions related to using LayOut which is part of the SketchUp Pro package.

You might also click on the Search button at the top of the left side toolbar in SketchUp Free and start to type there.