Controlling Opacity of Titles in Toolbar Dialog Boxes


I’m a long time user of SketchUp but I just recently realized that I don’t know how to increase or decrease the opacity of the title boxes in the toolbar dialogs. Here is a screenshot to better illustrate my concern.

Note that the desktop background is dark and the title bars are relatively transparent, making it difficult to read the wording on each. I didn’t pay much attention to this before, but I guess as I get older, I have become less tolerant of my visual deficiencies. Does anybody else recognize this as an issue? Is there a known keystroke sequence to modify opacity of these title bars?


Hi , I think that’s a windows setting .Right click on your desktop screen and select personalise and then click on window color at the bottom and un- tick transparency .



How to turn off the Aero resource :pig:


Hi Phil, Hi Geo

Thanks for the timely instructions. I hope you guys have an enjoyable holiday season!