Controlling Line Weight for Section Cuts…

I am working on making customized views such as foundation plans, and multiple plan views by using section cuts at different elevations in space. The issue I am having is that the section cuts line weight is way too heavy/thick. How can I control it?

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Nevermind. I missed the iPad part of it.

How would I do it on a Mac?

On Mac you would edit the Modeling settings in the style as on a PC. I’m not sure you can edit that on the iPad, though.

Screenshot - 6_6_2022 , 2_40_39 PM

Ding, ding, ding……we need to add this feature……

If you have brought the model from desktop you can fix that in the original model’s style and open it again in iPad.

Another way is to open a blank model and then import your model into the blank model

Hey all,
Today’s release of SketchUp for iPad (v6.0.6) introduces a couple of additional controls for customizing section cuts, specifically, options to modify the Section Fill color and Section Cut color.
We do not yet offer the option to adjust the thickness of the Section cut lines. Thanks for the call-out here. I’ve added that to the list.