Controlling Layout Dimension Line Angles

Struggling to get dimensions to align. This is as close as I can get Layout to pull this dimension and as you can see it is not quite right. What am I missing?

Is that in Layout or SketchUp…?

Do you have inferencing or object snap off?

Layout. Object Snap is on picking the two points. I have tried toggling inferencing…

Actually working on a Layout file right now.

If I dimension the roof slope with or without object snap the dimension is automatically perpendicular to the slope…

can you share the file?

The problem is that the corners you are dimensioning aren’t in a line. If you infer off the bottom corners and watch for the magenta inference indicator it’ll align more easily.


Hey there,

It looks like your model is slightly off angle, meaning you’ll need to use the isometric dimension modifier key (alt or option) to get your dimension to align properly.

See this post for more details, and a linked video:


I did figure out dimensioning off the back. The problem occurs when I have no flat back to start with. I am surprised there is not a way to inference this to a line of my choice…

Adam, this little mock up file is dead flat just to show the issue. Dimensioning off the back like Dave mentioned works but the real projects are Building Models inserted in a Site Plan Model with a Section Plane. The Section Plane is flat and it is just really tough to pull dimensions at an angle. I did manage, in my real model over 100’, to pull a magenta line and get an overall building width on the Site Plan but WOW was it tough…

The magenta line is elusive, even off of something dead flat like a foundation. I can’t figure out why it appears in some cases but not in others…

In some special cases, I encountered a similar problem. It is very difficult not to make mistakes if the angular deviations are small.

Below is a part of the square tube structure. To show the full length (AD) of a given pipe blank parallel to its edge (Figure 1), it is not possible to find two points that would allow this to be done at once. The direct distance AD is not what I need to get (Figure 2) because I can’t force the dimension to be parallel to the edge.
The solution is simple. I measure the distance between two points that are parallel to the edge (for example, AB, but they may just as well be other points), then move the dimension’s snap points where they should be (Figure 3). In this case, the angle of the dimension in relation to the element to be measured does not change and the measurement is displayed correctly.

Maybe it’s useful for you too.

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